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It’s Your iPhone. Why Can’t You Fix It Yourself

A giant John Deere tractor and a pocket-size Apple iPhone have something important in common: The cost of repairing either one is too high. The two companies, and many of their peers, use a variety of aggressive tactics, including electronic locks and restrictive warranties, to push customers with broken equipment …

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10 Best Email Apps For iPhone And Android

Emails are one of the most annoying things that we have to deal with and yet they are something that we cannot work without. We have to accept the fact that emails are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and if we cannot get rid of it, it’s better …

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OVER THE LAST year, Eva Galperin says she’s learned the signs: the survivors of domestic abuse who come to her describing how their tormentors seem to know everyone they’ve called, texted, and even what they discussed in their most private conversations. How their abusers seem to know where they’ve been and …

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