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Skyrim Grandma Will Be Immortalised In ‘The Elder Scrolls 6

Following a 50,000 strong petition from fans, Bethesda has announced it is going to immortalise Shirley ‘Skyrim Grandma’ Curry in The Elder Scrolls VI. Curry came to the attention of gamers after she left a comment on a video discussing the announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI. “Well, I guess that puts the nail …

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If you grew up with Unix systems like we did, you’ll be sorry to hear the news: vi, the noble text editor that has served us so well these 40 years, is going away — from many GNU/Linux systems, anyway. As of this writing, GNU/Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE …

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Developer boots Windows 10 on ARM on the OnePlus 6T

ack in 2017, when Microsoft introduced a version of Windows 10 on devices powered by ARM chips, it sparked hopes about the potential of always-connected Windows laptops. Since then, Microsoft and Qualcomm have been collectively vouching for the game-changing benefits of these always-connected PCs. In October last year, the software giant also …

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iPhone XS Max beats Galaxy S10+ in drop tests

Apple’s largest phone is tougher than Samsung’s. The iPhone XS Max performed noticeably better than the Galaxy S10+ in a series of drop tests. The bad news is that neither handset proved particularly resistant to breaking when dropped. Samsung uses Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 6 on the front of the …

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